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Updated: Feb 7, 2020

I love Kip Moore. For the uninitiated, he’s a talented young American country singer who sings about women, trucks and beer. With songs like “Something about a truck”, “Beer Money”, “The Bull”, “Hey Pretty Girl” and “Dirt Road”. He’s as country as they come. One of my favourite songs of his, called “The Marrying Kind” is about the one that got away;

She was something different

Didn't know what I was missing

My best friend proved what I already knew

Mary was the marrying kind

My job as a marriage Celebrant is to marry Mary to the best friend. Sorry Kip but you missed out, I’m available though?  I’m also The Marrying Kind.

What a segue!

There are over 8,000 Civil Marriage Celebrants in Australia, so how do you find the right Celebrant for you in Brisbane?

Enter “The Marrying Kind”, a group of like minded marriage Celebrants who are young at heart, fun, creative and advocates of all forms of love.

Rach, Roxy, Jacki, Jac, Lisa and myself (Liz) all met through The Celebrant Society and realised that although we are all totally different, we share the same values, love of our job and most importantly, have the same sense of humour. So we banded together to help support and build each other up and most importantly, provide you with the right Celebrant for your special day.

Let me break the group down for you.

When I first met Rach I thought she was the sweetest girl I’ve ever met. Little did I know that behind that first impression was this wicked sense of humour and a bit of a wild child at heart. The more you get to know her, the more you love her. She’s quick witted, hard working and as gorgeous on the inside as she is on the outside. Plus we get to make ‘Friends’ references all the time.

What you see if what you get. Roxy is funky and says it how it is. Somehow every time I’m around her I feel like getting up to no good. She just exudes this cheeky vibe but at the same time makes you feel completely at ease. Plus she’s got a bit of an English accent and who doesn’t love a bit of an accent?

Jacki has this laugh that you can hear a mile away and when she laughs it’s with her whole body. This woman is a walking brand. Hair always in a pony. Make up perfect. Wearing Camilla. Smiling ear to ear, making a naughty joke for sure. She calls a spade a spade and is the best damned cook you’ll ever meet and luckily she loves it (and the rest of us are only too happy to have her cook for us!)

Jac is an excitable big kid. She’s a cross between Emma Watson and Taylor Swift, a balance of nerdy and preppy. You give her an inch and she’ll run a mile. Want to have a little picnic? Jac has gone and got custom champagne glasses with your name on them and flamingo straws and serviettes and brought the good champagne she had been saving. Basically she’s fireworks in bright pink short shorts.

Lisa is an acrobat, she juggles being a celebrant, work, being a wife and a Mum to three boys. She’s extremely down to Earth and loves with her whole heart. She’s also a walking advertisement for marriage. Ask her who the sexiest man in the world is and she’ll answer with “my husband” each and every time. Sorry Chris Hemsworth, you lose this round.

Liz hates talking about herself, but loves the group of women above and considers herself very lucky to be one of The Marrying Kind.

Life is pretty amazing when you choose to become a community over competition. Check out The Marrying Kind for yourself here.

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